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Computer Architecture 1 DH2T 34

Structure of Computer Architecture 1

This unit is divided into 3 clear outcomes -

I will be teaching you for all three Outcomes.

Each outcome is structured round one lecture per week, with a follow-up tutorial. The lectures will be just that - lectures! I will present a Powerpoint slideshow based on the material we are covering and put it into context. It is not a dictation session for students to write down large quantites of notes (this should be happening in your self-study time!) Your Workbooks and ITC access should be used to support your lectures and tutorials.

You are encouraged to ask questions during both the lectures and tutorials. If you don't understand something, other people will probably have the same problem. Don't be afraid to ask questions!

As we approach Outcomes 2 and 3, you will find that the pace of study will quicken - as you become more accustomed to study, you will have to learn at a faster rate.

Both the Tutorials and Lectures are vital parts of this course and attandance at both is mandatory. Your tutorial provides you with an opportunity to ask about the lecture materials and sometimes, practice on assessment-level questions. The problems you will be set in your tutorial are designed to test your understanding of the material and reinforce the concepts covered in the lectures.

You are required to bring all necessary materials - workbooks, calculator, stationery and any worksheets supplied in advance - to your tutorial.

To recap -

Please use email to let me know of any problems you have with lectures, tutorials, course notes etc. I also welcome corrections or suggestions for improvement. Although this can be a difficult unit, we do try to make it as painless as possible and hopefully, have some fun along the way!

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