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A Wee Bit About Me...

My name is Chrissie Nyssen and I started working as a Lecturer at Aberdeen College in 1999. My "Specialist Subjects" are Computer Architecture and Java, but I also occasionally take classes in Pascal, COS, MUOS and various other things. I am particularly interested in Object Oriented Technology which I originally learned here at Aberdeen College, and then online at the University of Pheonix. I am currently further developing my Java and C++ online from University College, Dublin.

My family originally comes from Ieper (Ypres) which is in West Flanders, in Belgium. So I can speak Flemish, cook a mean waffle and am a true connoisseur of both beer and chocolate. I am married to Martin, a chemist, and we have 2 children, Lillian (7) and Daniel (6).

The Cloth Hall in the centre of Ieper
This picture is of the mediaeval Cloth Hall in the centre of Ieper.

Bath time for Lillian and Daniel!

Animated Gerbil image

We share our home with our two cats, Holly and T.C.; some tropical fish, and some gerbils (the number varies, because they keep having babies. It is a dynamic data structure. At the time of writing we have a family of seven).

Gerbils are cool!

In my spare time I like dismantling things, particularly electrical things, to see how they work. I also sometimes rebuild old computers for re-use by children in the Third World.

This is a picture of Amusse, the child we sponsor in Mozambique. His native language is Chagane, but we can communicate by writing in a little (very bad) Portuguese. Amusse's village is called Tres de Fevereiro (translates as "13th of February" - date of Mozambique's independence!) which is quite near to the capital, Maputo.

The Zambeze River  My favourite actors!

I will put a Mozambique recipe for stew (in English and Portuguese) in here later!

Amusse in his village, Tres de Fevriero, near Maputo in Mocambique.

I am currently studying for a further Teaching Qualification, and in my spare time I take woodwork and Russian classes here at College. I like classical Russian literature, Laurel and Hardy movies and all kinds of music.

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