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Contents of the Web Page Design Section.

I am hoping to put some cool stuff on this page, relating to web page design and publishing. This may take some time and the site is far from complete. I eventually hope to add some notes on HTML, CSS, Javascript, XML and Flash, and there will also be a complete section on the Java programming language.

Comments, queries, suggestions and requests for other material may be submitted using the link at the foot of the page. All materials are (c) 2003, Aberdeen College / C Nyssen. These pages are being constantly updated and revised and students are advised to check regularly for new material!

And now the links (so far) ........

To see how this website was designed, click here.

Different image formats and how to use them, including simple animations - click here.

A page showing how to apply transparent areas to .gifs for use on coloured backgrounds - click here.

A questionnaire in Javascript demonstrating radio buttons, drop down boxes, text fields and check boxes - click here. When the page opens, choose "view, source" to see how the Javascript was put together.

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Last Updated - 12/04/05

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